• What Does the Cacao Percentage on a Chocolate Bar Mean?



    The percentage of cacao on a dark chocolate bar refers to the cacao content by weight. Cacao can be added to a chocolate bar in a variety of different forms, including as a liquid, butter or powder. If you pay attention to chocolate bars at the grocery store and in specialty stores, you may notice that some brands give a percentage of cacao, while other brands give a percentage of cocoa.

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  • 7 Epic Chocolate Sculptures In The World


    Chocolate is well-loved around the world. Other than simply eating and enjoying chocolate, however, there are many other ways to enjoy the tasty confection. We’ve gathered a list of the 10 most epic sculptures around the world- all made of chocolate! Here’s our list:

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  • At What Temperature Does Chocolate Melt?

    melting chocolateOne of the most common problems people make when working with chocolate is failing to melt it properly. This can result in fudge that doesn't set right, frostings that are thick with clumps, candy with an uneven, even gritty texture, and glazes that remain runny even after they're chilled for hours. When correctly heated and handled, chocolate should turn out glossy, smooth, and even-textured. Different types of chocolate also require different melting temperatures -- what works for dark chocolate, for instance, won't produce the same results with milk or white chocolate. Lighter chocolate is more delicate and requires the use of lower temperatures. Continue Reading

  • How Does Chocolate Affect Weight Gain?


    There's a dilemma that those of us afflicted with a sweet tooth have been facing for years: Do we want our treats in lieu of the health of our body? Since the 16th century chocolate has been a mainstay in the dessert practices of people around the globe. Since that time there has been much debate on what constitutes 'too much' of the snack. One of the primary fears of those that know not to eat the treat is the idea of weight gain. Put simply, folks are afraid that chocolate makes them fat. As it turns out, this isn't quite the case. Research shows that chocolate can actually be a healthy part of your diet! Continue Reading

  • Our Favorite Movie Chocolate Treats

    keystone_crunch_baggedDoesn’t it feel like summer comes earlier to the movie theaters every year? Many summer blockbusters now make their debuts in early May. This got us thinking about some of our very favorite movie chocolate treats.






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  • The Sweet History of Jelly Beans

    jellybellyHere at Asher’s we love chocolate, but we also love all delicious treats! How sweet is it that today is National Jelly Bean Day?! How did the colorful little sugary confection come to such national prominence? Continue Reading

  • Earth Day 2015 - The History of Chocolate


    As Earth Day 2015 approaches, we take you on a trip through history to explore the origins of chocolate, and how it was derived from the earth in order to create the sweet treat we all know and love today! Continue Reading

  • Step into Spring: Staying Healthy and Still Enjoying Chocolate


    Staying healthy takes work. You need to eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest, and reduce your stress. Some believe that part of this means denying yourself of foods that you enjoy. Did you know that you can enjoy chocolate and still enjoy a healthy lifestyle? Yes, it’s true!

    Chocolate is plant based, so it does provide health benefits such as flavonoids, which act as antioxidants. These antioxidants, in turn, help to protect the body from many age related conditions like heart disease, and contribute to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol as well as promoting the balance of certain hormones. They are found in many foods, including blueberries, strawberries, and tomatoes. However, dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants – almost eight times more than are in strawberries – giving us a great reason to eat our chocolate! Continue Reading

  • History of the Asher's Easter Egg

    eastereggblogOne of spring's richest traditions at Asher's Chocolates is the Asher's Chocolate Easter Egg. Decades of expertise means that this quintessential seasonal treat meets expectations year after year. Asher's Chocolate Easter Eggs have been enjoyed by generations of consumers ever since Chester A. Asher, a Canadian farm boy with family roots in Scotland, used his passion for fine chocolates to launch what has since become one of the country's most cherished providers of finely crafted chocolate confections. Continue Reading

  • Beyond the Bunny: An Asher's DIY Easter Basket!

    peeps_web_We all know about the traditional chocolate bunny for Easter, but did you know that there is a whole world of goodness out there just waiting to find its way into your Easter basket? Step away from the bunny and try some of these delectable delights to celebrate Easter in a whole new way.

    Jelly Belly Speckled Chocolate Malted Eggs
    You can’t go wrong with Jelly Belly! Their tasty creations are a favorite addition to many an Easter basket Continue Reading

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