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Toffee Crunch pieces on tan background. One(1) piece broken open to reveal the caramel center, chocolate coating and toffee bits.

Almond Buttercrunch, 4 oz. bag

Keystone Crunch scattered on tan background to reveal pinwheel pretzels, caramel coated popcorn, and toffee nuts.

Keystone Crunch


Deluxe Woven Basket


Grand Slam Gift Basket


Chocolate Treasures Gift Basket


Dessert First Gift Basket


Our delicious Chocolate Covered nuts drenched in creamy milk chocolate or smooth dark chocolate will keep you coming back for more. Handmade in our factory, indulge in Chocolate Covered Almonds and Treats from Asher's Chocolates. Your favorite Almonds are dipped in our gourmet chocolate and sprinkled with extra love. Whether it is our Buttercrunch, Almond Pralines, or our Sugar Free Almond Butter Toffee, we have the perfect chocolate covered nut combination for you. So, what are you going to pick? What are you craving to enjoy right now? We know it is hard to only pick one. So, go nuts! Try all of options and decide for yourself which is your new favorite.

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