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Hand Crafted Dark Chocolate Mint Patties. Two(2) Patties are broken open to reveal the white mint inside. The rest of the patties are whole to show the hand crafted chocolate design.

Dark Chocolate Mint Pattie


Do not dare miss Asher's chocolate covered cool mint treats. They're simply delicious. You will not want to miss any of our treats flavored with crisp, white goodness. Each taste holds a refreshing taste of heaven coated in chocolate. Upon first bite, you’ll taste clear, clean goodness wrapped in rich chocolate. So, are you hungry for a taste yet? We know you are getting excited. Therefore, take a try of our many products. Everything from our Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Mint Patties to our Hostess Mints are made from recipes from over 100 years ago. Taste them today and you will not act disappointed.